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Air Products Industrial Gases

Gas bottles, gas bottle, gas cylinders, gas cylinder or industrial gas purchaser? We think we can save you money!

If you are not already an Air Products Industrial Gas customer or you have an Air Products account that you haven't used in the last year or more and you use any type of cylinder or bulk gases whether helium gas /balloon gas, industrial gas, welding gas, food grade gas, refrigeration gas, packaging gas, beer gas or drinks dispensing gas, medical gas or any of the gases listed at the bottom of this page then we can probably get you a deal that will save you money. No matter where you are in the UK or in the rest of world for that matter, as well as being able to save you money on your industrial gases, we also offer an unbeatable service.

Air Products Industrial Gas Bottles

Please fill in the form below as fully as possible and email it to us. We will then get one of our specialists to get in contact with you and see if we can save you some money.

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If you can't find your requirements listed below, please get in touch and we will locate it...

Alushield, Argoshield, Stainshield, Aluminium Welding Gases, Assist Gasses, Automotive Welding Gases, Balloon Gases, Beverage Gases, Construction Gases, Cutting Gases, Drinks Dispense Gases, Electronics Gases, Food Gases, Food Preservation Gases, Fuel Gases, High Purity Gases, Industrial Gases, Inert Gases, Laser Cutting, Laser Gases, Laser Welding, Liquefied Industrial Gases, Mag Welding Gases, Medical Gases, Metal Fabrication Gases, No-Ferrous Metals Welding Gases, Pub Gases, Refrigerant Gases, Speciality Gases, Speciality Gases Mixtures, Suregas, Suremix, Welding Gases, Alumaxx Plus, Apachi C3h6, Argon Ar, Astec 30, Astec 50, Astec 75, Astec S3, Astec S5, Astec S6, Breathing Air, Breathing Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide Co2, Carbon Dioxide Co2 Food Grade, Carbon Dioxide Co2 Industrial, Carbon Dioxide Co2 Liquid, Carbon Dioxide Co2 Liquid Food Grade, Compressed Air Industrial, Coogar 5, Coogar 15, Coogar 20, Dissolved Acetylene C2h2, Diving Air, Diving Helium, Diving Oxygen, Ferromaxx 15, Ferromaxx 7, Ferromaxx Plus, Freshline 10 Food Grade, Freshline 20 Food Grade, Freshline 25 Food Grade, Freshline 25 Food Grade, Freshline 30 Food Grade, Freshline 35 Food Grade, Freshline 3mix10/5, Freshline 3mix30/10, Freshline 3mix30/40, Freshline 40 Co2/30o2/N2 Nitrogen N2 Food Grade, Freshline 40 Food Grade, Freshline 50 Food Grade, Freshline 60 Food Grade, Freshline Carbon Dioxide Co2 Liquid, Freshline Carbon Dioxide Co2 Liquid, Freshline N2 Nitrogen, Freshline N2 Nitrogen Liquid, Freshline O2 Oxygen, Freshline Oxm20, Freshline Oxm25, Freshline Oxm30, Heligas, Heligas Industrial, Helium Bip, Helium He, Hydrogen H2, Hytec 5, Hytec 35, Inomaxx 2, Inomaxx Plus , Inomaxx Tig, Natural Gas Ch4, Nitrogen N2, Nitrogen N2 Food Grade, Oxygen O2, Oxygen O2 Food Grade, Oxygen O2 Industrial, Oxygen O2 Liquid, Oxygen O2 Liquid Industrial, Prodarc 2, Propane C3h8, Propane, Freshline, Protec 5, Protec 10, Protec 15, Topgas 30, Topgas 50, Topgas 60, Topgas Carbon Dioxide Co2, Weldap 2, Weldap 8, Weldap 20.