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LPG Gas Engineers / Plumbers

If you require an LPG Gas Plumber or LPG Gas Engineer in the UK then click below:
Click here to find an LPG Gas Plumber or Engineer in the UK

Please don't call or email us as we cannot help you.

Click the above link and use the advanced filter system on the Gas Safe Register website to specify your requirements. This will give you a list of qualified registered plumbers in your area.

No matter where you are in Aberdeenshire, there is a LPG Engineer / Plumber near you.

At the Gas Safe Register web site you can find a list of fully qualified, Gas Safe (CORGI) registered LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) Engineers or Plumbers in your area. These fully qualified engineers will come to you to quote for the plumbing, servicing, installing, supplying or fitting of all types of LPG appliances, boilers, water heating systems and cookers that are fitted in many houses and mobile homes etc. They'll even arrange for you to have a quote for installing a bulk storage tank.

Most plumbers and central heating engineers do not hold the correct certificate and have not completed the necessary additional training to enable them to competently and legally service LPG appliances and if you subsequently have a problem may find your insurance is void.

All the LPG engineers on the Gas Safe Register have carried out the necessary LPG training to enable them to hold the valid certification to carry out any LPG work undertaken and say they are fully insured.

The Gas Safe Register will only list the details of engineers that are registered and fully qualified, so you can be assured of a nice safe and friendly expert coming to your door.

Again, please don't call or email us as we cannot help you - instead, click the above link. Thank you.


Aberchirder AB54 Aberdeen AB10 Aberdeen AB25 Aboyne AB34
Achath AB32 Aldie AB42 Aldivalloch AB54 Aldunie AB54
Alford AB33 Allanaquoich AB35 Allancreich AB34 Allardice DD10
Altens AB12 Arbuthnott AB30 Ardallie AB42 Ardgowse AB33
Ardiecow AB45 Ardlair AB52 Ardo AB41 Ardoe AB12
Ardoyne AB52 Ardwell AB54 Arthrath AB41 Artrochie AB41
Asloun AB33 Auchallater AB35 Aucharnie AB54 Auchattie AB31
Auchenblae AB30 Auchininna AB53 Auchintoul AB54 Auchintoul AB33
Auchiries AB42 Auchleven AB52 Auchlunies AB12 Auchmacoy AB41
Auchmair AB54 Auchnagatt AB41 Aucholzie AB35 Auchorrie AB51
Auds AB45 Aulton AB52 Auquhorthies AB51 Backburn AB54
Backfolds AB42 Backhill AB53 Backhill of Clackriach AB42 Backhill of Trustach AB31
Backside AB54 Badenscoth AB51 Badenyon AB36 Bailliesward AB54
Bainshole AB54 Balbithan AB51 Balchers AB45 Balfour AB34
Balgove AB51 Balgreen AB45 Balhalgardy AB51 Ballater AB35
Ballaterach AB34 Ballochan AB31 Ballochford AB54 Ballogie AB34
Balmedie AB23 Balthangie AB53 Banchory AB31 Banchory Devenick AB12
Banff AB45 Bankhead AB51 Bankhead AB33 Barnhead DD10
Barthol Chapel AB51 Baulds AB31 Bearnie AB41 Bedford AB24
Beggshill AB54 Belhelvie AB23 Belhinnie AB54 Bellabeg AB36
Benholm DD10 Benthoul AB32 Bieldside AB15 Birkenhills AB53
Birkhall AB35 Birse AB34 Birsemore AB34 Blackburn AB21
Blackchambers AB32 Blackdog AB23 Blackford AB51 Blackhill AB42
Blackness AB31 Blacktop AB15 Blairs AB12 Blairshinnoch AB45
Blairydryne AB31 Blairythan AB41 Blindburn AB41 Boddam AB42
Bogbrae AB42 Bogfern AB33 Bogfields AB33 Bogfold AB43
Boghead AB45 Bogniebrae AB54 Bograxie AB51 Bogton AB53
Bonnykelly AB53 Bonnyton AB52 Bonnyton DD10 Boultenstone AB36
Boyndie AB45 Brackens AB53 Bracklamore AB43 Braefoot AB53
Braehead DD10 Braemar AB35 Braenaloin AB35 Brathens AB31
Brideswell AB54 Bridge of Alford AB33 Bridge of Bogendreip AB31 Bridge of Canny AB31
Bridge of Dee AB35 Bridge of Dee AB31 Bridge of Don AB23 Bridge of Dun DD10
Bridge of Dye AB31 Bridge of Ess AB34 Bridge of Feugh AB31 Bridge of Gairn AB35
Bridgend AB54 Bridgend AB54 Bridgend AB35 Broadsea AB43
Broomfield AB41 Broomhead AB43 Brownhill AB41 Bruntland AB54
Buchanhaven AB42 Bucksburn AB21 Bulwark AB42 Burnend AB41
Burnhaven AB42 Burnhervie AB51 Burnside AB51 Bush Crathie AB35
Cabrach AB54 Cairnargat AB54 Cairnbeathie AB31 Cairnbrogie AB51
Cairnbulg AB43 Cairne AB32 Cairness AB43 Cairnhill AB41
Cairnhill AB52 Cairnie AB54 Cairnorrie AB41 Cambus o'May AB34
Candacraig AB35 Canterbury AB45 Cardno AB43 Carnichal AB43
Carnousie AB53 Castleton AB45 Causeyend AB23 Chapel Hill AB42
Chapel of Garioch AB51 Charlestown AB12 Charlestown AB43 Clachanturn AB35
Clashindarroch AB54 Clatt AB54 Clatterin Brig AB30 Clochtow AB41
Clockhill AB42 Clola AB42 Clova AB54 Clovenstone AB51
Cloverhill AB23 Clunie AB53 Coachford AB54 Cobairdy AB54
Coburty AB43 Cock Bridge AB36 Coldwells AB42 Collieston AB41
Collmuir AB31 Collynie AB41 Colnabaichin AB36 Colpy AB52
Comers AB51 Conland AB54 Contlaw AB13 Cookston AB41
Coralhill AB43 Cordach AB31 Corgarff AB36 Cornhill AB16
Cornhill AB45 Corrachree AB34 Corse AB54 Corse of Kinnoir AB54
Corsindae AB51 Cot-town AB53 Cot-town AB54 Cottown AB51
Coull AB34 Cove Bay AB12 Coynach AB34 Coynachie AB54
Craigculter AB43 Craigdam AB41 Craigearn AB51 Craigellie AB43
Craigie AB23 Craigie Brae AB41 Craigiebuckler AB15 Craiglug AB31
Craigmaud AB43 Craigmyle Ho AB31 Craigo DD10 Craigton AB14
Craik AB54 Cranna AB54 Craskins AB34 Crathes AB31
Crathie AB35 Crichie AB42 Crimond AB43 Crimonmogate AB43
Crofts of Haddo AB41 Cromblet AB51 Cross of Jackson AB51 Crossroads AB31
Crovie AB45 Cruchie AB54 Cruden Bay AB42 Culdrain AB54
Culsh AB35 Cultercullen AB41 Cults AB15 Culvie AB54
Cuminestown AB53 Cushnie AB45 Cuttyhill AB42 Daldownie AB35
Dalfad AB35 Dalmadilly AB51 Danestone AB22 Darnabo AB53
Darnford AB31 Darra AB53 Dartfield AB43 Davan AB34
Daviot AB51 Deecastle AB34 Delfrigs AB23 Denend AB54
Denhead AB51 Denhead AB42 Denmill AB51 Denmoss AB51
Denside AB31 Dinnet AB34 Dorsell AB33 Doune Park AB45
Douneside AB34 Downies AB12 Drumblade AB54 Drumblair AB54
Drumdelgie AB54 Drumhead AB31 Drumlasie AB31 Drumoak AB31
Drums AB41 Drumwhindle AB41 Drymuir AB42 Dubford AB45
Dulax AB36 Dumeath AB54 Duncanston AB52 Dunecht AB32
Durno AB51 Dyce AB21 Dykelands AB30 Dykeside AB53
Earlsford AB51 East Auchronie AB32 East Cairnbeg AB30 East Davoch AB34
East Learney AB31 East Mains AB31 Easter Balmoral AB35 Easter Ord AB32
Easter Tulloch AB30 Easter Whyntie AB45 Ecclesgreig DD10 Echt AB32
Edinbanchory AB33 Ellon AB41 Elrick AB54 Elrick AB32
Errollston AB42 Esslemont AB41 Fairley AB15 Fattahead AB45
Fawsyde DD10 Feith-hill AB53 Ferryden DD10 Fetterangus AB42
Fettercairn AB30 Fetternear Ho AB51 Feus of Caldhame AB30 Fichlie AB33
Findon AB12 Fingask AB51 Finnygaud AB54 Fintray AB21
Fintry AB53 Finzean AB31 Fisherford AB51 Fishtown of Usan DD10
Flushing AB42 Folla Rule AB51 Forbestown AB36 Fordoun AB30
Fordyce AB45 Fortrie AB53 Foulzie AB45 Foveran AB41
Fraserburgh AB43 Frendraught AB54 Fyvie AB53 Gallery DD10
Gamrie AB45 Gardenstown AB45 Garlogie AB32 Garmond AB53
Gartly AB54 Garvock AB30 Gask AB53 Gask AB42
Gateside AB33 Glack AB51 Glanderston AB52 Glascorrie AB35
Glashmore AB31 Glassaugh AB45 Glassel AB31 Glencat AB34
Glencuie AB33 Glendye Lodge AB31 Glenkindie AB33 Glensaugh AB30
Glenshalg AB31 Glenton AB51 Gordonstown AB45 Gordonstown AB51
Gorrachie AB45 Gourdas AB53 Gourdon DD10 Grainhow AB53
Grandholm AB22 Grantlodge AB51 Greendams AB31 Greenhall AB52
Greenheads AB42 Greenlaw AB45 Greenmyre AB53 Greenskares AB45
Greystone AB35 Hardgate AB31 Hatton AB42 Hatton Castle AB53
Haugh of Glass AB54 Haughs AB54 Hazlehead AB15 Heathcot AB12
Heugh-head AB36 Heugh-head AB34 Hillbrae AB54 Hillbrae AB51
Hillhead of Auchentumb AB43 Hillhead of Cocklaw AB42 Hillockhead AB36 Hillockhead AB33
Hillside AB12 Hillside DD10 Hilton AB41 Hirn AB31
Howe of Teuchar AB53 Huntly AB54 Hythie AB42 Inchbraoch DD10
Inchmarlo AB31 Inchnabobart AB35 Inkhorn AB41 Insch AB52
Inver AB35 Inverallochy AB43 Inverbervie DD10 Inverebrie AB41
Inverey AB35 Invergelder AB35 Inverharroch AB54 Inverkeithny AB54
Invernettie AB42 Inverquhomery AB42 Inverugie AB42 Inverurie AB51
Inverythan AB53 Ironside AB53 Jackstown AB51 Johnshaven DD10
Johnston Mains AB30 Kebholes AB45 Keig AB33 Keilhill AB45
Kemnay AB51 Kennerty AB31 Kennethmont AB54 Kildrummy AB33
Kincardine O'Neil AB34 Kincorth AB12 Kincraig AB41 Kinellar AB21
Kingsford AB53 Kingsford AB15 Kingsford AB33 Kingswells AB15
Kinharrachie AB41 Kinknockie AB42 Kinmuck AB51 Kinnadie AB41
Kinneff DD10 Kintocher AB33 Kintore AB51 Kiplaw Croft AB42
Kirkhill DD10 Kirkney AB54 Kirkton AB52 Kirkton AB53
Kirkton AB33 Kirkton of Bourtie AB51 Kirkton of Craig DD10 Kirkton of Culsalmond AB52
Kirkton of Durris AB31 Kirkton of Glenbuchat AB36 Kirkton of Logie Buchan AB41 Kirkton of Maryculter AB12
Kirkton of Skene AB32 Kirktonhill AB30 Kirktown AB42 Kirktown of Alvah AB45
Kirktown of Auchterless AB53 Kirktown of Rayne AB51 Kirktown of Slains AB41 Knabbygates AB54
Knaven AB42 Knock AB54 Knowes of Elrick AB54 Knowhead AB43
Ladysford AB43 Laithers AB53 Landerberry AB32 Largie AB52
Largue AB54 Lary AB35 Lauchintilly AB51 Laurencekirk AB30
Leask AB41 Lemnas AB43 Leochel-Cushnie AB33 Leschangie AB51
Leslie AB52 Lessendrum AB54 Lethenty AB53 Ley AB33
Leylodge AB51 Leys AB34 Leys AB42 Linhead AB45
Linn of Muick Cottage AB35 Little Dens AB42 Little Idoch AB53 Little Ley AB51
Loanhead AB41 Lochside DD10 Logie DD10 Logie Coldstone AB34
Logie Newton AB54 Logie Pert DD10 Longdrum AB23 Longhill AB42
Longmanhill AB45 Longside AB42 Lumphanan AB31 Lumsden AB54
Lunderton AB42 Luthermuir AB30 Lyne AB51 Lyne of Skene AB32
Macduff AB44 Macterry AB53 Mains of Culsh AB53 Mains of Dillavaird AB30
Mains of Drum AB31 Mains of Dudwick AB41 Mains of Fedderate AB42 Mains of Linton AB51
Mains of Pitfour AB42 Mains of Thornton AB30 Mar Lodge AB35 Marnoch AB54
Maryculter AB12 Maryhill AB53 Marykirk AB30 Maryton DD10
Marywell AB34 Mastrick AB16 Maud AB42 Mayen AB54
Meikle Strath AB30 Meikle Tarty AB41 Meikle Wartle AB51 Melgum AB34
Melrose AB45 Memsie AB43 Menie Ho AB23 Methlick AB41
Mid Ardlaw AB43 Mid Beltie AB31 Middlefield AB16 Middlehill AB53
Middleton Park AB22 Migvie AB34 Milbethill AB54 Mill of Colp AB53
Mill of Elrick AB41 Mill of Kingoodie AB51 Millbank AB42 Millbreck AB42
Millburn AB33 Millburn AB54 Millden AB23 Milltimber AB13
Millton of Noth AB54 Milltown AB33 Milltown of Campfield AB31 Milltown of Craigston AB53
Milltown of Rothiemay AB54 Milltown of Towie AB33 Milton Coldwells AB41 Milton Inveramsay AB51
Milton of Auchinhove AB31 Milton of Cairnborrow AB54 Milton of Cullerlie AB32 Milton of Cushnie AB33
Milton of Tullich AB35 Minnes AB41 Minnonie AB45 Mintlaw AB42
Monkshill AB53 Monteach AB41 Montgarrie AB33 Montrose DD10
Monymusk AB51 Morphie DD10 Moss-side AB54 Mossat AB33
Mosshead AB54 Mounie Castle AB51 Mountblairy AB45 Muckletown AB33
Muir AB35 Muir of Fowlis AB33 Muirden AB53 Muirhead AB33
Muirskie AB31 Muirtack AB41 Muirton of Ballochy DD10 Muiryfold AB53
Mundurno AB23 Nether Crimond AB51 Nether Glasslaw AB43 Nether Kinmundy AB42
Nether Lenshie AB51 Nether Pitforthie AB30 Netherbrae AB53 Nethermuir AB42
New Aberdour AB43 New Byth AB53 New Deer AB53 New Leeds AB42
New Pitsligo AB43 Newbigging AB35 Newburgh AB41 Newburgh AB43
Newmachar AB21 Newmill AB41 Newnoth AB54 Newseat AB51
Newton AB42 Newton AB54 Newtown AB44 Nigg AB12
North Essie AB42 North Millbrex AB53 North Tarbothill AB23 Northburnhill AB53
Northfield AB16 Northfield AB45 Old Aberdeen AB24 Old Craig AB41
Old Crombie AB54 Old Deer AB42 Old Kinnernie AB32 Old Leslie AB52
Old Portlethen AB12 Old Rattray AB42 Old Rayne AB52 Oldhall AB34
Oldmeldrum AB51 Oldmill AB31 Oldtown of Ord AB45 Oldwhat AB53
Ordhead AB51 Ordie AB34 Orrok Ho AB23 Overton AB51
Oyne AB52 Park AB45 Parkneuk AB30 Pathhead DD10
Peathill AB43 Pennan AB43 Percie AB31 Perkhill AB31
Persley AB22 Pert AB30 Peterculter AB14 Peterhead AB42
Petty AB53 Pettymuick AB41 Phesdo AB30 Pitblae AB43
Pitcaple AB51 Pitfichie AB51 Pitinnan AB51 Pitmedden AB41
Pitmunie AB51 Pittodrie Ho AB51 Plaidy AB53 Port Elphinstone AB51
Port Erroll AB42 Portlethen AB12 Portsoy AB45 Potarch AB31
Potterton AB23 Protsonhill AB45 Quilquox AB41 Rathen AB43
Raxton AB41 Redford AB30 Redhill AB32 Redhill AB54
Redhill AB51 Redhouse AB33 Rhynie AB54 Rinloan AB35
Rinmore AB33 Roadside of Kinneff DD10 Rora AB42 Rorandle AB51
Rosehearty AB43 Rosehill AB34 Rossie Farm School DD10 Rothiebrisbane AB53
Rothienorman AB51 Ruthrieston AB10 Ruthven AB54 Sandend AB45
Sandfordhill AB42 Sandhaven AB43 Sauchen AB51 Sauchieburn AB30
Scotston AB30 Seaton park AB24 Seatown AB42 Shiels AB51
Silvermoss AB51 Sinnahard AB33 Skares AB54 Skelmonae AB41
Skelmuir AB42 Slack AB52 Slains Park DD10 Slioch AB54
Smallburn AB42 South Blackbog AB51 South Kirkton AB32 South Redbriggs AB53
South Upper Barrack AB41 Southend AB53 Spittal of Glenmuick AB35 Springleys AB51
St Combs AB43 St Cyrus DD10 St Fergus AB42 St Katherines AB51
Steinmanhill AB53 Stirling AB42 Stonehaven AB39 Strachan AB31
Strathdon AB36 Strathgirnock AB35 Strichen AB43 Stuartfield AB42
Succoth AB54 Tanglandford AB41 Tarland AB34 Tarves AB41
Tavelty AB51 Tayock DD10 Teuchan AB42 Thainston AB30
Thainstone AB51 The Banking AB51 The Birks AB32 The Neuk AB31
Thomastown AB54 Thornyhill AB30 Thunderton AB42 Tifty AB53
Tillathrowie AB54 Tillery AB41 Tillybirloch AB51 Tillycorthie AB41
Tillydrine AB31 Tillydrone AB24 Tillyfar AB53 Tillyfour AB33
Tillyfourie AB51 Tillygreig AB41 Tillypronie AB34 Tipperty AB41
Tipperty AB30 Tocher AB51 Todlachie AB51 Toll of Birness AB41
Tomnaven AB54 Torbeg AB35 Tornahaish AB36 Tornaveen AB31
Torphins AB31 Torrancroy AB36 Torry AB11 Torry AB54
Torterston AB42 Towie AB33 Towie AB43 Towie AB54
Tulloch AB51 Tullochvenus AB31 Tullynessle AB33 Turclossie AB43
Turriff AB53 Udny Green AB41 Udny Station AB41 Upper Anguston AB14
Upper Boyndlie AB43 Upper Hawkhillock AB42 Upper Lochton AB31 Upper Ridinghill AB43
Wardhouse AB52 Wartle AB31 Waterhill of Bruxie AB42 Waterloo AB42
Waterside AB41 Waterside AB36 Weachyburn AB45 Wedderlairs AB41
West Cairncake AB53 West Park AB31 Wester Badentyre AB53 Wester Culbeuchly AB45
Wester Fintray AB51 Wester Ord AB32 Westerton AB31 Westerton DD10
Westhall AB52 Westhill AB32 Westside AB12 Wheedlemont AB54
Whinnyfold AB42 Whitebog AB43 Whitecairns AB23 Whitefield AB51
Whiteford AB51 Whitehills AB45 Whitehouse AB33 Whiterashes AB21
Whitestone AB31 Whitestripe AB43 Whitewell AB43 Woodend AB51
Woodhead AB53 Woodside AB24 Wrae AB53 Wrangham AB52
Yonder Bognie AB54 Ythanwells AB54 Ythsie AB41