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LPG Gas Engineers / Plumbers

If you require an LPG Gas Plumber or LPG Gas Engineer in the UK then click below:
Click here to find an LPG Gas Plumber or Engineer in the UK

Please don't call or email us as we cannot help you.

Click the above link and use the advanced filter system on the Gas Safe Register website to specify your requirements. This will give you a list of qualified registered plumbers in your area.

No matter where you are in Argyll and Bute, there is a LPG Engineer / Plumber near you.

At the Gas Safe Register web site you can find a list of fully qualified, Gas Safe (CORGI) registered LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) Engineers or Plumbers in your area. These fully qualified engineers will come to you to quote for the plumbing, servicing, installing, supplying or fitting of all types of LPG appliances, boilers, water heating systems and cookers that are fitted in many houses and mobile homes etc. They'll even arrange for you to have a quote for installing a bulk storage tank.

Most plumbers and central heating engineers do not hold the correct certificate and have not completed the necessary additional training to enable them to competently and legally service LPG appliances and if you subsequently have a problem may find your insurance is void.

All the LPG engineers on the Gas Safe Register have carried out the necessary LPG training to enable them to hold the valid certification to carry out any LPG work undertaken and say they are fully insured.

The Gas Safe Register will only list the details of engineers that are registered and fully qualified, so you can be assured of a nice safe and friendly expert coming to your door.

Again, please don't call or email us as we cannot help you - instead, click the above link. Thank you.


Accurrach PA33 Acha PA78 Achadacaie PA29 Achadh-chaorrunn PA29
Achadunan PA26 Achaglass PA29 Achahoish PA31 Achallader PA36
Achamore PA60 Acharosson PA21 Achleanan PA34 Achlian PA33
Achnaba PA31 Achnacairn PA37 Achnacloich PA37 Achnacroish PA34
Achnadrish PA75 Achnafalnich PA33 Achnaha PA34 Achnamara PA31
Achnashelloch PA31 Alltachonaich PA34 Ambrismore PA20 Annat PA35
Aoradh PA44 Appin PA38 Ard a'Chapuill PA22 Ardacheranbeg PA22
Ardacheranmor PA22 Ardalanish PA67 Ardanaiseig PA35 Ardanstur PA34
Ardbeg PA42 Ardbeg PA20 Ardbeg PA23 Ardbrecknish PA33
Ardchiavaig PA67 Ardchonnell PA33 Ardentallan PA34 Ardentinny PA23
Ardfern PA31 Ardfin PA60 Ardgenavan PA26 Ardhallow PA23
Ardinamar PA34 Ardkinglas Ho PA26 Ardlamont PA21 Ardlussa PA60
Ardmaddy PA35 Ardmaleish PA20 Ardmenish PA60 Ardminish PA41
Ardmore PA42 Ardnackaig PA31 Ardnacross PA72 Ardnadam PA23
Ardnagowan PA25 Ardnahein PA24 Ardnahoe PA46 Ardnave PA44
Ardno PA26 Ardpatrick PA29 Ardpeaton G84 Ardrishaig PA30
Ardscalpsie PA20 Ardtalla PA42 Ardtarig PA23 Ardteatle PA33
Ardtornish PA34 Ardtur PA38 Arduaine PA34 Ardura PA65
Arichamish PA31 Arichastlich PA36 Arichonan PA31 Aridhglas PA66
Arileod PA78 Arinafad Beg PA31 Arinagour PA78 Arnabost PA78
Arnicle PA29 Arrivain PA33 Aruadh PA49 Ascog PA20
Ashens PA29 Ashfield PA31 Asknish PA31 Auch PA36
Auchachenna PA35 Auchameanach PA29 Auchbraad PA30 Auchenbreck PA22
Auchenlochan PA21 Auchinafaud PA29 Auchindarrach PA31 Auchindarroch PA38
Auchindrain PA32 Auchinvennal G84 Auchnabreac PA32 Auchnacraig PA64
Auchnaha PA21 Auchnangoul PA32 Badden PA31 Baile Boidheach PA31
Balemartine PA77 Balephuil PA77 Balernock G84 Balevulin PA69
Baligrundle PA34 Balindore PA35 Balliemeanoch PA27 Balliemore PA34
Balliemore PA27 Ballimeanoch PA33 Ballimore PA21 Ballinaby PA44
Ballochandrain PA22 Ballochgair PA28 Ballochroy PA29 Ballyaurgan PA31
Ballygown PA73 Ballygrant PA45 Ballymeanoch PA31 Balmeanach PA68
Balnahard PA68 Balnahard PA61 Baluachraig PA31 Balure PA37
Balure PA35 Balvicar PA34 Barachander PA35 Barcaldine PA37
Barfad PA29 Barmolloch PA31 Barnacabber PA23 Barnacarry PA27
Barr PA44 Barrahormid PA31 Barrapol PA77 Barravullin PA31
Barrnacarry PA34 Barsloisnach PA31 Baugh PA77 Beach PA34
Bellanoch PA31 Belloch PA29 Bellochantuy PA28 Benderloch PA37
Benmore PA23 Bernice PA23 Birdfield PA32 Black Mount PA36
Blackrock PA44 Blair's Ferry PA21 Blairbuie PA23 Blairmore PA23
Blairnairn G84 Blairvadach G84 Bonawe PA35 Bonawe Quarries PA37
Bousd PA78 Bowmore PA43 Brackly PA31 Bragleenbeg PA34
Braigo PA44 Brecklate PA28 Brenachoille PA32 Bridge of Orchy PA36
Bridgend PA31 Bridgend PA43 Brock PA77 Bruichladdich PA49
Bullwood PA23 Bunessan PA67 Bunnahabhainn PA46 Cabrach PA60
Cadderlie PA35 Caddletown PA34 Cairnbaan PA31 Cairndow PA25
Cairndow PA26 Cairndow PA24 Calgary PA75 Callyburn PA28
Camchuart PA22 Camis Eskan G84 Campbeltown PA28 Camsail G84
Caolas PA77 Carn PA48 Carnassarie PA31 Carnduncan PA44
Carnmore PA42 Carradale PA28 Carrick PA31 Carrick PA24
Carrine PA28 Carron PA31 Carry PA21 Carsaig PA70
Carse PA29 Castleton PA31 Cattadale PA44 Chiscan PA28
Clabhach PA78 Clachaig PA23 Clachan PA26 Clachan PA29
Clachan PA34 Clachan of Glendaruel PA22 Clachan-Seil PA34 Clachandhu PA68
Cladich PA33 Claggan PA34 Claonaig PA29 Claonairigh PA32
Clashgour PA36 Cleigh PA34 Clounlaid PA34 Cluanach PA43
Clynder G84 Coillaig PA35 Colintraive PA22 Colonsay PA61
Conchra PA22 Conisby PA49 Connel PA37 Cornabus PA42
Corran PA24 Corranbuie PA29 Corranmore PA31 Corriechrevie PA29
Corrielorne PA34 Corrow PA24 Corrylach PA28 Coulaghailtro PA29
Coulport G84 Cour PA28 Coustonn PA22 Cove G84
Coylet PA23 Crackaig PA60 Craigandaive PA23 Craigans PA31
Craigendoran G84 Craigens PA44 Craigglass PA31 Craighouse PA60
Craigmore PA20 Craignafeich PA21 Craignure PA65 Craobh Haven PA31
Crarae PA32 Creggans PA27 Cretshengan PA29 Crinan PA31
Croggan PA63 Croig PA75 Crossaig PA29 Crossapoll PA77
Cruach PA43 Cuilmuich PA24 Culindrach PA29 Cullipool PA34
Culnadalloch PA37 Dalavich PA35 Dalchenna PA32 Daligan G84
Dalivaddy PA28 Dalmally PA33 Daltot PA31 Davaar PA28
Dervaig PA75 Derybruich PA21 Dippen PA28 Dishig PA68
Drimfern PA32 Drimlee PA32 Drimnin PA34 Drimsynie PA24
Drimvore PA31 Drishaig PA32 Drissaig PA35 Druimavuic PA38
Druimdrishaig PA31 Drum PA21 Drumachloy PA20 Drumgarve PA28
Drumlemble PA28 Drumore PA28 Dubhchladach PA29 Duiletter PA33
Dumfin G84 Dunach PA34 Dunan PA23 Dunans PA22
Dunbeg PA37 Dunloskin PA23 Dunmore PA29 Dunoon PA23
Dunrostan PA31 Duror PA38 Durran PA33 Easdale PA34
East Darlochan PA28 Easter Ellister PA48 Edendonich PA33 Eignaig PA34
Ellary PA31 Elleric PA38 Elrigbeag PA32 Ensay PA75
Eorabus PA67 Eredine PA33 Erines PA29 Escart PA29
Esknish PA44 Eurach PA31 Fanans PA35 Fanmore PA73
Faslane G84 Fasnacloich PA38 Fearnach PA22 Fearnoch PA21
Fellonmore PA65 Feochaig PA28 Feolin PA60 Feolin Ferry PA60
Feorlan PA28 Fidden PA66 Finnart G84 Fionnphort PA66
Fiunary PA34 Ford PA31 Foreland PA49 Frachadil PA75
Furnace PA32 Gallanach PA34 Gallchoille PA31 Gaodhail PA72
Garbhallt PA27 Garelochhead G84 Gariob PA31 Garmony PA65
Garrachra PA23 Gartavaich PA29 Gartbreck PA43 Gartnagrenach PA29
Gartnatra PA43 Garvard PA61 Garveld PA28 Garvie PA22
Gearach PA48 Glaic PA22 Glasdrum PA38 Glecknabae PA20
Glenald G84 Glenamachrie PA34 Glenbarr PA29 Glenbranter PA27
Glencruittein PA34 Glenegedale PA42 Glenfeochan PA34 Glenkin PA23
Glenlean PA23 Glenmallan G84 Glenmore PA20 Glennoe PA35
Glenramskill PA28 Glenrisdell PA29 Glensanda PA34 Glenshellish PA27
Glensluan PA27 Glenure PA38 Goatfield PA32 Goirtein PA27
Grainel PA44 Grishipoll PA78 Grogport PA28 Gruinart Flats PA44
Gruline PA71 Hayfield PA35 Hazelbank PA25 Heanish PA77
Helensburgh G84 Heylipoll PA77 High Balantyre PA32 Hunter's Quay PA23
Hynish PA77 Inerval PA42 Inistrynich PA33 Innellan PA23
Inninbeg PA34 Inveraray PA32 Inverchaolain PA23 Inverchorachan PA26
Invercreran PA38 Inverinan PA35 Inverlauren G84 Inverliever PA31
Inverliver PA35 Inverlochy PA33 Inverlussa PA60 Inverneil PA30
Invernoaden PA27 Inveroran Hotel PA36 Invervegain PA23 Islay Ho PA44
Isle of Bute PA20 Isle of Coll PA78 Isle of Gigha PA41 Isle of Iona PA76
Isle of Islay PA42 Isle of Jura PA60 Isle of Mull PA62 Isle of Tiree PA77
Kames PA21 Kames PA34 Keil PA38 Keil PA28
Keillmore PA31 Keills PA46 Keils PA60 Kellan PA72
Kelsay PA47 Kenmore PA32 Kennacraig PA29 Kentallen PA38
Kerrycroy PA20 Kiel Crofts PA37 Kilberry PA29 Kilblaan PA32
Kilbrenan PA73 Kilbride PA20 Kilbride PA34 Kilbridemore PA22
Kilchattan PA20 Kilchattan PA61 Kilchenzie PA28 Kilcheran PA34
Kilchiaran PA48 Kilchoan PA34 Kilchoman PA49 Kilchrenan PA35
Kilchrist PA28 Kilcreggan G84 Kilfinan PA21 Kilkenneth PA77
Kilkerran PA28 Killean PA32 Killean PA29 Killellan PA28
Killichronan PA72 Killinallan PA44 Killocraw PA28 Killundine PA34
Kilmaha PA35 Kilmartin PA31 Kilmelford PA34 Kilmichael PA28
Kilmichael Glassary PA31 Kilmichael of Inverlussa PA31 Kilmore PA34 Kilmory PA31
Kilmun PA23 Kilnave PA44 Kilninian PA74 Kilninver PA34
Kiloran PA61 Kingarth PA20 Kinloch PA34 Kinlochlaich PA38
Kintour PA42 Kintra PA66 Kintra PA42 Kintraw PA31
Kinuachdrach PA60 Kirkton PA31 Kirn PA23 Knipoch PA34
Knock PA71 Knockalava PA31 Knockdow PA23 Knocknaha PA28
Knockrome PA60 Knockvologan PA66 Ladyfield PA32 Lagavulin PA42
Lagg PA60 Laggan PA43 Lagganulva PA73 Laglingarten PA25
Langamull PA75 Laphroaig PA42 Larach na Gaibhre PA31 Larachbeg PA34
Largiemore PA21 Largybaan PA28 Leack PA27 Lealt PA60
Leanach PA27 Leargybreck PA60 Lechuary PA31 Leckgruinart PA44
Ledaig PA37 Ledmore PA72 Lee PA67 Leorin PA42
Lephinmore PA27 Lerags PA34 Lindsaig PA21 Lochaline PA34
Lochawe PA33 Lochbuie PA62 Lochdon PA64 Lochgair PA31
Lochgilphead PA31 Lochgilphead PA30 Lochgoilhead PA24 Lossit PA47
Low Ballivain PA28 Lower Auchalick PA21 Lower Killeyan PA42 Lunga PA31
Lussagiven PA60 Lyrabus PA44 Macharioch PA28 Machrie PA42
Machrihanish PA28 Machrins PA61 Mambeg G84 Mannel PA77
Meikle Grenach PA20 Meikle Kilmory PA20 Meikle Rahane G84 Melfort PA34
Melldalloch PA21 Mid Letter PA27 Middle Kames PA31 Midpark PA20
Millhouse PA21 Minard PA32 Miodar PA77 Moin'a'choire PA44
Monevechadan PA24 Mountstuart PA20 Muasdale PA29 Musdale PA34
Nereabolls PA48 Neriby PA43 New Orleans PA28 New Ulva PA31
Newton PA27 Normann's Ruh PA74 North Dallens PA38 North Shian PA38
Oalinlongart PA23 Oatfield PA28 Oban PA34 Oban PA37
Orcadia PA20 Orchard PA23 Ormsdale PA22 Otter PA21
Otter Ferry PA21 Peninver PA28 Pennyfuir PA34 Pennyghael PA70
Pennygown PA72 Piperhall PA20 Poltalloch PA31 Port Appin PA38
Port Askaig PA46 Port Bannatyne PA20 Port Charlotte PA48 Port Driseach PA21
Port Ellen PA42 Port Ramsay PA34 Port Sonachan PA33 Port Wemyss PA47
Portachoillan PA29 Portavadie PA21 Portincaple G84 Portnacroish PA38
Portnahaven PA47 Quinhill PA29 Rahoy PA34 Redhouses PA44
Rhemore PA34 Rhonadale PA28 Rhu G84 Rhubodach PA20
Rhunahaorine PA29 Risabus PA42 Rockside PA49 Ronachan PA29
Ronnachmore PA43 Rosneath G84 Rothesay PA20 Ruaig PA77
Ruanaich PA76 Saddell PA28 Salachail PA38 Salen PA72
Sallachry PA32 Sanaigmore PA44 Sandbank PA23 Sannaig PA60
Saundaig PA77 Scalasaig PA61 Scallastle PA65 Scamadale PA34
Scarinish PA77 Scoor PA67 Scotnish PA31 Seabank PA37
Seafield PA31 Shalunt PA20 Shandon G84 Sheanachie PA28
Shellachan PA34 Shellachan PA35 Silvercraigs PA31 Skeroblingarry PA28
Skipness PA29 Slockavullin PA31 Smaull PA44 Sorisdale PA78
Soroba PA34 South Hall PA22 South Ledaig PA37 South Shian PA37
Southend PA28 Springfield PA22 Sron Doire PA30 St Catherines PA25
Stonefield PA29 Strachur PA27 Stravanan PA20 Strone PA23
Stronlonag PA23 Stronmilchan PA33 Strontoiller PA37 Stroul G84
Stuck PA20 Stuck PA23 Stuckbeg PA24 Stuckreoch PA27
Succothmore PA27 Sunadale PA28 Sunipol PA75 Tangy PA28
Taravocan PA38 Tarbert PA60 Tarbert PA29 Tarbert PA41
Taychreggan PA35 Tayinloan PA29 Taynafead PA33 Taynish PA31
Taynuilt PA35 Tayovullin PA44 Tayvallich PA31 Tenga PA72
The Green PA77 The Lodge PA24 Tibertich PA31 Tighachnoic PA34
Tighnabruaich PA21 Tobermory PA75 Toberonochy PA34 Tormisdale PA47
Torran PA31 Torrisdale PA28 Tostarie PA74 Totronald PA78
Toward PA23 Treshnish PA75 Trevine PA35 Troustan PA22
Trudernish PA42 Tullich PA32 Tullich PA34 Tullochgorm PA32
Turbiskill PA31 Tynribbie PA38 Uig PA78 Uig PA23
Uisken PA67 Upper Ardroscadale PA20 Upper Kilchattan PA61 Upper Sonachan PA33
Vaul PA77 West Glen PA21 West Tarbert PA29 Westport PA28
Whitehouse PA29 Whitestone PA28 Witchburn PA28