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LPG Gas Engineers / Plumbers

If you require an LPG Gas Plumber or LPG Gas Engineer in the UK then click below:
Click here to find an LPG Gas Plumber or Engineer in the UK

Please don't call or email us as we cannot help you.

Click the above link and use the advanced filter system on the Gas Safe Register website to specify your requirements. This will give you a list of qualified registered plumbers in your area.

No matter where you are in Dumfries and Galloway, there is a LPG Engineer / Plumber near you.

At the Gas Safe Register web site you can find a list of fully qualified, Gas Safe (CORGI) registered LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) Engineers or Plumbers in your area. These fully qualified engineers will come to you to quote for the plumbing, servicing, installing, supplying or fitting of all types of LPG appliances, boilers, water heating systems and cookers that are fitted in many houses and mobile homes etc. They'll even arrange for you to have a quote for installing a bulk storage tank.

Most plumbers and central heating engineers do not hold the correct certificate and have not completed the necessary additional training to enable them to competently and legally service LPG appliances and if you subsequently have a problem may find your insurance is void.

All the LPG engineers on the Gas Safe Register have carried out the necessary LPG training to enable them to hold the valid certification to carry out any LPG work undertaken and say they are fully insured.

The Gas Safe Register will only list the details of engineers that are registered and fully qualified, so you can be assured of a nice safe and friendly expert coming to your door.

Again, please don't call or email us as we cannot help you - instead, click the above link. Thank you.


Ae Village DG1 Airieland DG7 Airies DG9 Airyhassen DG8
Allangillfoot DG13 Allanton DG2 Alticry DG8 Amisfield Town DG1
Annan DG12 Anwoth DG7 Ardwall DG7 Ardwell DG9
Argrennan DG7 Auchenbrack DG3 Auchencairn DG7 Auchendolly DG7
Auchenhessnane DG3 Auchenmalg DG8 Auchenrivock DG14 Auchnabony DG6
Awhirk DG9 Balgowan DG9 Balgreggan DG9 Balmaclellan DG7
Balmae DG6 Balminnoch DG8 Baltersan DG8 Bankend DG1
Bankhead DG6 Bankshill DG11 Barcaple DG7 Bardennoch DG7
Bargaly DG8 Bargrennan DG8 Barharrow DG7 Barholm DG8
Barlay DG7 Barnbarroch DG5 Barnbarroch DG8 Barndennoch DG3
Barnhills DG9 Barraer DG8 Barwhinnock DG6 Barwinnock DG8
Beattock DG10 Beeswing DG2 Benbuie DG3 Benfield DG8
Bennan DG7 Bentpath DG13 Billholm DG13 Blackacre DG11
Blackcraig DG8 Blackshaw DG1 Blackwood DG2 Bladnoch DG8
Bodesbeck DG10 Bogue DG7 Bombie DG6 Boreland DG11
Boreland DG8 Borgue DG6 Borness DG6 Brae DG2
Breckonside DG3 Breoch DG7 Bridge of Dee DG7 Brochloch DG7
Brooklands DG2 Brydekirk DG12 Buchan DG7 Burnhead DG7
Burnhead DG3 Burnswark DG11 Cairndoon DG8 Cairnryan DG9
Cairnsmore DG8 Callisterhall DG11 Canonbie DG14 Capplegill DG10
Carco DG4 Cardoness DG7 Cargen DG2 Cargenbridge DG2
Carroch DG7 Carronbridge DG3 Carrutherstown DG1 Carsegowan DG8
Carseriggan DG8 Carsethorn DG2 Carsluith DG8 Carsphairn DG7
Cassencarie DG8 Castle Douglas DG7 Castle Kennedy DG9 Castle O'er DG13
Castlefairn DG3 Castlemilk DG11 Castlewigg DG8 Cauldside DG14
Caulkerbush DG2 Causeway End DG8 Cavens DG2 Challoch DG8
Chapel Rossan DG9 Chapelknowe DG14 Clachaneasy DG8 Clachanmore DG9
Clarebrand DG7 Clarencefield DG1 Clatteringshaws DG7 Cleuchbrae DG1
Clonrae DG3 Closeburn DG3 Colfin DG9 Collin DG1
Colvend DG5 Corrie Common DG11 Corriedoo DG7 Corsebank DG4
Corsehill DG11 Corsemalzie DG8 Corsewall DG9 Corsock DG7
Craig DG7 Craigcleuch DG13 Craigdhu DG8 Craigencallie DG7
Craigenputtock DG2 Craighlaw DG8 Crawfordton DG3 Crawick DG4
Creca DG12 Creetown DG8 Croalchapel DG3 Crocketford DG2
Crofts DG7 Crossford DG3 Crossmichael DG7 Culquhirk DG8
Culshabbin DG8 Cults DG8 Cumloden DG8 Cummertrees DG12
Cumrue DG11 Cumstoun DG6 Cutcloy DG8 Dabton DG3
Dalbeattie DG5 Dalgonar DG3 Dallash DG8 Dalshangan DG7
Dalskairth DG2 Dalswinton DG2 Dalton DG11 Damnaglaur DG9
Darngarroch DG7 Davington DG13 Debate DG11 Dildawn DG7
Dinvin DG9 Dinwoodie Mains DG11 Dornock DG12 Douglas Hall DG5
Drambuie DG4 Drumjohn DG7 Drummore DG9 Drumrash DG7
Dumcrieff DG10 Dumfries DG1 Duncow DG1 Dundrennan DG6
Dunnabie DG11 Dunragit DG9 Dunscore DG2 Durisdeer DG3
Eaglesfield DG11 Eastriggs DG12 Ecclefechan DG11 Eggerness DG8
Elrig DG8 Enterkinfoot DG3 Ericstane DG10 Eriff DG7
Ervie DG9 Eskdalemuir DG13 Evertown DG14 Fairgirth DG5
Fingland DG4 Fingland DG13 Foulbog DG13 Friars Carse DG2
Galdenoch DG8 Garlieston DG8 Garroch DG7 Garryhorn DG7
Garwald DG13 Garwaldwaterfoot DG13 Gatehouse of Fleet DG7 Gatelawbridge DG3
Gateslack DG3 Gelston DG7 Genoch DG9 Genoch Square DG9
Gibbshill DG7 Gillenbie DG11 Gillfoot DG2 Girthon DG7
Glasserton DG8 Glen DG2 Glen DG7 Glenae DG1
Glencaple DG1 Glencrosh DG3 Glendearg DG13 Glengap DG6
Glenhead DG2 Glenlair DG7 Glenlee DG7 Glenlochar DG7
Glenluce DG8 Glenmanna DG3 Glenrazie DG8 Glentrool DG8
Glenwhilly DG8 Goldielea DG2 Gretna DG16 Gretna Green DG16
Gribton DG2 Hangingshaw DG11 Haugh of Urr DG7 Hazlefield DG7
Heck DG11 Heithat DG11 Henderland DG2 Hermitage DG7
High Borgue DG6 Hightae DG11 Hillowton DG7 Hollee DG11
Holm DG13 Holmhead DG7 Holywood DG2 Innermessan DG9
Isle of Whithorn DG8 Jamestown DG13 Johnstonebridge DG11 Keir Mill DG3
Kelloholm DG4 Kelton DG1 Kettleholm DG11 Kidsdale DG8
Kildrochet DG9 Kilstay DG9 Kingholm Quay DG1 Kinharvie DG2
Kinnelhead DG10 Kippford or Scaur DG5 Kirkandrews DG6 Kirkbean DG2
Kirkcolm DG9 Kirkconnel DG4 Kirkconnell DG2 Kirkcowan DG8
Kirkcudbright DG6 Kirkdale DG8 Kirkgunzeon DG2 Kirkinner DG8
Kirkland DG11 Kirkland DG4 Kirkland DG3 Kirkland of Longcastle DG8
Kirkmaiden DG9 Kirkpatrick Durham DG7 Kirkpatrick-Fleming DG11 Kirkstile DG13
Kirkton DG1 Kirtlebridge DG11 Knockbrex DG6 Knockgray DG7
Knocklearn DG7 Knocknain DG9 Knocknalling DG7 Knockville DG8
Knowe DG8 Lagrae DG4 Lamloch DG7 Langholm DG13
Langlands DG6 Larg DG8 Lauchentyre DG7 Laurieston DG7
Laverhay DG10 Lennox Plunton DG6 Leswalt DG9 Loch Head DG8
Lochans DG9 Locharbriggs DG1 Lochfoot DG2 Lochmaben DG11
Lochurr DG3 Lockerbie DG11 Logan DG9 Mabie DG2
Mainsriddle DG2 Margreig DG2 Markdhu DG8 Maryport DG9
Maxwelltown DG2 Mennock DG4 Merkland DG7 Middlebie DG11
Millhousebridge DG11 Milltown DG14 Milton DG2 Miltonise DG8
Minnigaff DG8 Mochrum DG8 Moffat DG10 Mollance DG7
Moniaive DG3 Monreith DG8 Mossdale DG7 Mouswald DG1
Nether Barr DG8 Nethermill DG1 Netherthird DG7 Netherwood DG1
New Abbey DG2 New Bridge DG2 New Galloway DG7 New Luce DG8
Newton DG10 Newton Stewart DG8 Newtonairds DG2 Noblehill DG1
North Cairn DG9 Old Bridge of Urr DG7 Orroland DG6 Paddockhole DG11
Palgowan DG8 Palnackie DG7 Palnure DG8 Parkgate DG1
Parton DG7 Penninghame DG8 Penpont DG3 Polbae DG8
Poldean DG10 Polgown DG3 Port Logan DG9 Port o' Warren DG5
Port William DG8 Portpatrick DG9 Portslogan DG9 Portyerrock DG8
Powfoot DG12 Racks DG1 Rascarrel DG7 Rhonehouse or Kelton Hill DG7
Rigg DG16 Ringford DG7 Rockcliffe DG5 Ross DG6
Rowanburn DG14 Rusko DG7 Ruthwell DG1 Sandgreen DG7
Sandhead DG9 Sanquhar DG4 Scaur DG2 Senwick DG6
Shambellie DG2 Shawhead DG2 Shearington DG1 Shennanton DG8
Sibbaldbie DG11 Slogarie DG7 Slongaber DG2 Sorbie DG8
South Cairn DG9 Southerness DG2 Speddoch DG2 Spittal DG8
Springfield DG16 Springholm DG7 Springkell DG11 Square Point DG7
St Ann's DG11 St John's Town of Dalry DG7 St Mary's Croft DG9 Stewarton DG8
Stonehouse DG2 Stoneykirk DG9 Stranraer DG9 Stroquhan DG2
Sundaywell DG2 Templand DG11 Terally DG9 Terregles DG2
Thornhill DG3 Tinwald DG1 Tongland DG6 Torthorwald DG1
Townhead DG6 Townhead of Greenlaw DG7 Tundergarth Mains DG11 Twynholm DG6
Tynron DG3 Ulzieside DG4 Valleyfield DG6 Waterbeck DG11
Waterhead DG7 Whauphill DG8 Whitecairn DG8 Whitecrook DG9
Whiteleys DG9 Whithorn DG8 Wigtown DG8 Woodside DG1