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LPG Gas Engineers / Plumbers

If you require an LPG Gas Plumber or LPG Gas Engineer in the UK then click below:
Click here to find an LPG Gas Plumber or Engineer in the UK

Please don't call or email us as we cannot help you.

Click the above link and use the advanced filter system on the Gas Safe Register website to specify your requirements. This will give you a list of qualified registered plumbers in your area.

No matter where you are in Northumberland, there is a LPG Engineer / Plumber near you.

At the Gas Safe Register web site you can find a list of fully qualified, Gas Safe (CORGI) registered LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) Engineers or Plumbers in your area. These fully qualified engineers will come to you to quote for the plumbing, servicing, installing, supplying or fitting of all types of LPG appliances, boilers, water heating systems and cookers that are fitted in many houses and mobile homes etc. They'll even arrange for you to have a quote for installing a bulk storage tank.

Most plumbers and central heating engineers do not hold the correct certificate and have not completed the necessary additional training to enable them to competently and legally service LPG appliances and if you subsequently have a problem may find your insurance is void.

All the LPG engineers on the Gas Safe Register have carried out the necessary LPG training to enable them to hold the valid certification to carry out any LPG work undertaken and say they are fully insured.

The Gas Safe Register will only list the details of engineers that are registered and fully qualified, so you can be assured of a nice safe and friendly expert coming to your door.

Again, please don't call or email us as we cannot help you - instead, click the above link. Thank you.


Acklington NE65 Acomb NE46 Adderstone NE70 Akeld NE71
Allendale Town NE47 Allenheads NE47 Alnham NE65 Alnmouth NE66
Alnwick NE66 Alwinton NE65 Amble NE65 Ancroft TD15
Anick NE46 Ashington NE63 Aydon NE45 Backworth NE23
Bamburgh NE69 Bardon Mill NE47 Barleyhill NE44 Barmoor Lane End TD15
Barrasford NE48 Beadnell NE67 Beal TD15 Beanley NE66
Bearsbridge NE47 Bebside NE24 Bedlington NE22 Belford NE70
Bellingham NE48 Bellshill NE70 Belsay NE20 Benthall NE67
Benton NE7 Berrington TD15 Berwick Hill NE20 Berwick-upon-Tweed TD15
Biddlestone NE65 Bilton NE66 Bingfield NE19 Birling NE65
Birtley NE48 Black Heddon NE20 Blindburn NE65 Blyth NE24
Bolton NE66 Bothal NE61 Boulmer NE66 Bower NE48
Bowsden TD15 Bradford NE70 Brandon NE66 Branton NE66
Broome Wood NE66 Broomhaugh NE44 Broomhill NE65 Brownieside NE67
Brunton NE66 Buckton NE70 Budle NE69 Burradon NE65
Burradon NE23 Burton NE69 Byrness NE19 Caistron NE65
Callaly NE65 Cambo NE61 Cambois NE24 Camperdown NE23
Capheaton NE19 Carr Shield NE47 Cartington NE65 Catcleugh NE19
Catton NE47 Causey Park NE61 Charlton NE48 Chathill NE67
Chatton NE66 Cheswick TD15 Chevington Drift NE61 Chillingham NE66
Chipchase Castle NE48 Chollerton NE46 Choppington NE62 Christon Bank NE66
Clappers TD15 Clifton NE61 Coalcleugh NE47 Coldrife NE61
Colwell NE46 Corbridge NE45 Coupland NE71 Cowpen NE24
Cramlington NE23 Craster NE66 Cresswell NE61 Dalton NE46
Dalton NE20 Dargues NE19 Darras Hall NE20 Denwick NE66
Detchant NE70 Dilston NE45 Doddington NE71 Dotland NE46
Duddo TD15 Dudley NE23 Dunstan NE66 Earle NE71
Earsdon Moor NE61 Easington NE70 East Bolton NE66 East Hartford NE23
East Lilburn NE66 East Ord TD15 East Sleekburn NE22 East Thirston NE65
Eastfield Hall NE65 Edlingham NE66 Eglingham NE66 Elford NE68
Elilaw NE65 Elishaw NE19 Ellingham NE67 Ellington NE61
Elsdon NE19 Elwick NE70 Embleton NE66 Eshott NE61
Ewart Newtown NE71 Falstone NE48 Felkington TD15 Felton NE65
Fenrother NE61 Fenton NE71 Fenwick NE20 Fenwick TD15
Fishwick TD15 Flodden NE71 Flotterton NE65 Ford TD15
Forestburn Gate NE61 Foulden TD15 Fourstones NE47 Glanton NE66
Glororum NE69 Gloster Hill NE65 Goswick TD15 Great Bavington NE19
Great Ryle NE66 Great Swinburne NE48 Great Tosson NE65 Great Whittington NE19
Greendykes NE66 Greenhaugh NE48 Grindon TD15 Guide Post NE62
Gunnerton NE48 Guyzance NE65 Hallington NE19 Halton NE45
Haltwhistle NE49 Harbottle NE65 Hartburn NE61 Hartford Bridge NE22
Haugh Head NE71 Hauxley NE65 Hawkhill NE66 Hawkwell NE18
Haydon Bridge NE47 Healey NE44 Hebron NE61 Hedley on the Hill NE43
Henshaw NE47 Hepburn NE66 Hepple NE65 Hepscott NE61
Hesleyside NE48 Hetherington NE48 Hethpool NE71 Heugh NE18
Hexham NE46 High Buston NE66 High Callerton NE20 High Heaton NE7
High Newton by-the-Sea NE66 High Trewhitt NE65 Higham Dykes NE20 Highgreen Manor NE48
Hirst NE63 Holburn TD15 Holystone NE65 Horncliffe TD15
Horndean TD15 Horsley NE19 Howick NE66 Humbleton NE71
Humshaugh NE46 Hutton TD15 Ilderton NE66 Ingoe NE20
Ingram NE66 Kielder NE48 Kimmerston NE71 Kirkharle NE19
Kirkheaton NE19 Kirknewton NE71 Kirkwhelpington NE19 Knowesgate NE19
Ladykirk TD15 Lamberton TD15 Langleeford NE71 Lanton NE71
Lesbury NE66 Lilburn Tower NE66 Linbriggs NE65 Linnels NE46
Linshiels NE65 Little Whittington NE19 Littlehoughton NE66 Longframlington NE65
Longhirst NE61 Longhorsley NE65 Longhoughton NE66 Longridge Towers TD15
Longwitton NE61 Lorbottle NE65 Lorbottle Hall NE65 Low Brunton NE46
Low Gate NE46 Low Hesleyhurst NE65 Low Newton-by-the-Sea NE66 Lowick TD15
Lucker NE70 Lynemouth NE61 Matfen NE20 Meldon NE61
Melkridge NE49 Mickley Square NE43 Middleton NE70 Middleton NE61
Middleton Bank Top NE61 Middleton Hall NE71 Milbourne NE20 Milfield NE71
Mitford NE61 Mordington TD15 Morpeth NE61 Morwick Hall NE65
Murton TD15 Nedderton NE22 Nelson Village NE23 Nesbit NE71
Netherton NE65 Netherwitton NE61 New Bewick NE66 Newbiggin NE46
Newbiggin-by-the-Sea NE64 Newbrough NE47 Newham NE67 Newham Hall NE67
Newsham NE24 Newstead NE67 Newton NE43 Newton-on-the-Moor NE65
Newtown NE66 Newtown NE65 Ninebanks NE47 Norham TD15
North Charlton NE66 North Seaton NE63 North Sunderland NE68 North Yardhope NE65
Nunwick NE48 Oakwood NE46 Ogle NE20 Old Bewick NE66
Old Swarland NE65 Old Town NE19 Otterburn NE19 Otterburn Camp NE19
Ouston NE18 Ovingham NE42 Ovington NE42 Painshawfield NE43
Park End NE48 Pauperhaugh NE65 Paxton TD15 Pegswood NE61
Pigdon NE61 Plenmeller NE49 Ponteland NE20 Powburn NE66
Prendwick NE66 Preston NE67 Prestwick NE20 Prudhoe NE42
Radcliffe NE65 Raechester NE19 Raylees NE19 Red Row NE61
Redesmouth NE48 Rennington NE66 Riding Mill NE44 Ridsdale NE48
Rochester NE19 Rock NE66 Roddam NE66 Rosebrough NE67
Roseden NE66 Ross NE70 Rothbury NE65 Rothley NE61
Rowfoot NE49 Ryal NE20 Saltwick NE20 Sandhoe NE46
Scotland Gate NE62 Scots' Gap NE61 Scrainwood NE65 Scremerston TD15
Seahouses NE68 Seghill NE23 Shadfen NE61 Shankhouse NE23
Sharperton NE65 Sheepwash NE62 Shilbottle NE66 Shillmoor NE65
Shipley NE66 Shoresdean TD15 Shoreswood TD15 Simonburn NE48
Sinderhope NE47 Slaley NE47 Snitter NE65 South Broomhill NE61
South Charlton NE66 Spartylea NE47 Spindlestone NE70 Spittal TD15
Stagshaw Bank NE45 Stakeford NE62 Stamford NE66 Stamfordham NE18
Stannersburn NE48 Stannington NE61 Stanton NE65 Stocksfield NE43
Stonehaugh NE48 Stonehouse NE49 Studdon NE47 Sunnyside NE46
Swarland NE65 Swinhoe NE67 Thockrington NE48 Thornton TD15
Thornton Park TD15 Throphill NE61 Thropton NE65 Togston NE65
Tranwell NE61 Tritlington NE61 Troughend NE19 Tughall NE67
Tweedmouth TD15 Twizell House NE70 Ulgham NE61 Upsettlington TD15
Wall NE46 Walwick NE46 Warden NE46 Waren Mill NE70
Warenford NE70 Warenton NE70 Wark NE48 Warkworth NE65
Warton NE65 West Allerdean TD15 West Chevington NE61 West Ditchburn NE66
West Edington NE61 West Fleetham NE67 West Kyloe TD15 West Woodburn NE48
West Wylam NE42 Westgate NE20 Westnewton NE71 Whalton NE61
Whitfield NE47 Whitley Chapel NE47 Whittingham NE66 Whitton NE65
Whygate NE48 Widdrington NE61 Willimontswick NE47 Wingates NE65
Woodhorn NE64 Wooler NE71 Wooperton NE66 Wylam NE41
Yetlington NE65