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Primus 2000 Propane Gas Cylinder & Refill Complete 0.340kg


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This is the complete cylinder and refill for if you do not have an empty cylinder to exchange or need a spare cylinder.

The Primus 2000 propane gas bottle (cylinder) refill contains 0.340kg of propane gas and is the smallest sized cylinder in the Primus refillable gas range. They are designed to be used with blowtorches and are widely used by plumbers and builders. They can also sometimes be found on various other equipment such as camping , caravans, camper vans, BBQ's, cookers, heaters and many other indoor and outdoor gas appliances.

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Other useful information.

Cylinder Group: Group Primus.
Height: 280mm (approximate).
Diameter: 80mm (approximate).
Product Net Weight: 0.340 kg (approximate).
Cylinder Tare Weight: 0.960 kg (approximate).
Total Gross Weight: 1.30 kg (approximate).
Material Safety Data Sheet: Primus Propane MSDS.pdf

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